Sensor: infrared sensor taps

Using an infrared sensor tap promotes water saving in public environments, limiting the water consumption to the actual need only. The sensor technology also avoids any contact between the tap and the user, ensuring a high level of hygiene even in the high traffic areas. Remer Rubinetterie offers a complete range of faucets with sensor technology, capable of satisfying every design need both in terms of style and functionality.

The high reliability of infrared sensor technology is proposed in multiple design variants, from basic lines to more refined shapes to integrate with even the most exclusive furnishings.

Each product is equipped with all the electronics and components necessary for operation, such as angle valves for under-sink adjustment and batteries.
To prevent the impurities of the water from coming into contact with the mechanics and to preserve the quality of the product over time, the taps include filtering systems and/or require the installation of stopcocks with filters for cleaning the inlet water.

All sensor taps are equipped with anti-vandal function that automatically blocks the water supply after exceeding a predetermined and customizable (depending on the model) period of time.

Choose the Remer Rubinetterie sensor faucet solution that best suits your project!

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Sensor Color

With SENSOR COLOR taps the efficiency of the infrared sensor technology is complemented by an original colored LED light.
Thanks to the COLOR LED LIGHT technology inserted inside the faucet, the simple passage of water generates a delicate white or multi-colored light that follows the flow and colors the surrounding space.

The use of a tap with sensor promotes water saving in public environments, limiting the time of use of water to the actual need only.
The sensor technology also makes it possible to avoid any contact between the tap and the user, ensuring a high level of hygiene even in high-traffic areas.

Choose the sensor tap solution that best suits your project!

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TImed flow taps

Timed flow taps make an important service in terms of water saving and water rationalization in public areas. The taps of the TEMPOR series are functional items, characterized by different shapes to suit every design solution: high end, modern or classic interiors.

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Tempor Touch

TEMPOR TOUCH technology improves Remer Rubinetterie’s proposals dedicated to public environments by offering an electronic alternative to traditional timing.
The water supply is activated by lightly pressing the piezoelectric button positioned on the top of the faucet and stops automatically at the preset times.

TEMPOR TOUCH technology in the washbasin models is available in two different variants (check the one included in the article description):

WITH 1 OPENING TIME: The water flow is activated by pressing the button and automatically stopped after the preset period of time, or by pressing the start button a second time.
Factory setting at about 10 seconds (instantaneous delivery upon pressing the button).
The 1-time version is recommended in high-traffic places where users constantly change (airports, schools, public toilets, etc.).
WITH 2 OPENING TIMES: first time with delivery duration of about 10 seconds, second time with delivery duration about 20 seconds. The selection is confirmed before the valve opens by pressing the button one or two times and it’s followed by a relative optical feedback (two different colors of LED light instead of one as in the 1-time version).
A small delay in delivery of about 1 second and half allows the user to make the second press when necessary.
This 2-times version is recommended in places where users are a constant group (offices, private installations, laboratories and doctors’ offices, etc.).

TEMPOR TOUCH taps grant precise control over water delivery times with the consequent advantages of water saving and safety in preventing flooding in poorly monitored areas.

Effective performance even on multiple and / or online installations.
Battery powered (included).
Available on request with vandal-proof aerator and key (see item code: 83 AVC)

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